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For whom

The Humanities Lab is for all students from all Leiden University faculties who want to do more in addition to their regular study programme.

Something for you?

You are curious, inquisitive and interested in the world around you. You want to dig deeper or expand your horizons. You get good marks, have time left over after your regular studies and expect to finish your first-year programme in a single year. You want to take full advantage of the possibilities that Leiden University has to offer. You are interested in the humanities.
Does this sound like you? Then the Humanities Lab is the thing for you!

Three programmes

With the Humanities Lab you can choose between three different programmes, depending on your preferences and background. This way you decide yourself how you can get the most out of the Humanities Lab.

  • Expedition: a fixed but flexible framework. With Expedition you choose from different elective topics that allow you to either go into a subject in more detail or expand your horizons.
  • Solo: maximum freedom to choose. With Solo you put together your own programme and challenge yourself.
  • Double+: especially for students who are doing (or want to do) two bachelor’s. Provides access to all Humanities Lab offerings.

Uh, Humanities...?

A question we often hear is: ‘The Humanities sounds so vague. What is it, exactly?’ We are happy to explain. The Humanities is the field of study that includes everything that make humans human. People have a large brain, and they walk upright on two legs. But you don’t call every creature with those properties a human. What distinguishes us people is, for example, that we have different cultures and languages, that different groups have their own histories, which they tell stories about and establish museums for. That we produce and enjoy music, theatre, paintings and films.
All these typical human activities and the products thereof are studied in the humanities, and have been for centuries. The knowledge and insights that scholars have accumulated in this area over time is what we teach in the various disciplines and degree programmes in the Faculty of the Humanities.

Rather take another Honours track?

Are the Humanities not your favourite field, but would you still like to do more alongside your degree programme? Then look at the Honours tracks being offered in other faculties on the Honours Academy webpage.


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