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The Humanities is the field of study that includes everything that make humans human. We have different cultures and languages. Different groups have their own histories, which they tell stories about. We produce and enjoy music, theatre, paintings and films. All these typical human activities and the products thereof are studied in the humanities, and have been for centuries.

With Expedition you can either dive into a subject in more detail or expand your horizons. Besides two compulsory courses (Humanities Lab 101 and the Capstone Project), you can design your own programme, based on the package of elective courses that is on offer. With these different elective topics at hand you will research the differences and similarities between humanities, social sciences and life sciences. 

You receive challenging, small-group, intensive instruction from top scholars, specialists who have earned their name in education and research. The programme includes elements like guest lectures, seminars and excursions

The programme

Expedition consists of 30 ECs and has five components:

A) Joint module Humanities Lab 101 (5 ECs)

In this module we delve into the central theme in the Humanities Lab: similarities, differences and links within the humanities and with other domains of scholarship. Read more on Humanities Lab 101.

B) Key modules (10 EC)

Expedition offers you a selection of elective topics of which you select two. Each of them is worth 5 ECs. The topics are:

C) Advanced modules (5 EC)

Further on in the Expedition programme you will take an advanced module of 5 EC. Advanced modules to choose from are:

D) Honours Class (5 EC)

The Honours Academy, which the Humanities Lab belongs to, has a broad selection of Honours Classes: a short series of lectures on diverse topics, mostly in English, given by renowned scholars. In these Honours Classes you work with students from other faculties who are on the Honours track as well. A complete listing of offerings can be found in the e-prospectus. More information about registering for Honours Classes can be found on the Honours Academy website.


The last part of the Humanities Lab Expedition consists of a joint module (the Capstone project), which concludes with a conference. The Capstone project is a multifaceted assignment at the end of the Humanities Lab learning pathway. Teams of students are asked to demonstrate how insights and methods from the humanities can make a difference to topical issues in society or in the world (of science) at large (for example: social sustainability, refugees, biotechnology). Each project is strongly interdisciplinary. During the closing event the teams will present their findings to staff, stakeholders and community members.



The Humanities Lab courses are scheduled on Friday afternoons (13-17hrs.) and take place in Leiden or The Hague. The timetable can be found here



If you are interested in the Expedition track and have questions like ‘is it possible to go abroad and combine this with the Humanities Lab?’ or ‘is it possible to take just a part of the Expedition programme and combine it with modules from other Honours tracks, contact us, we are happy to help you!            


Students in Humanities Lab will be under guidance of the Humanities Lab Coordinators. They will invite you once or twice a year to talk about your plans and progress. Of course you can always schedule an appointment or send an e-mail if you have any questions.       


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