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French Worldwide: Language, culture and identity

Language: Engels
About the module: What does it mean to speak (and write in) French in the francophone ‘periphery’ (i.e. the French-speaking world outside France, supposedly the centre of power)? How do the various francophone contexts influence language, identities and cultures? Can the debates around ‘francophonie’ inform our contemporary considerations and concerns about global power? These questions are at the core of the course in which we address ‘Francophonie’ in all its aspects: historical, political, linguistic and cultural (esp. literary). The course tackles the relations of domination, post-colonialism and legitimacy in specific temporal and geographical contexts, for instance the Near East (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine), North-Africa, the Caribbean, Canada and Louisiana. The module includes a visit to the African Studies Centre (Leiden).

Teaching: Dr. Annelies Schulte Nordholt

Dr. Annelies Schulte Nordholt studied French and Philosophy in Paris and Amsterdam. She obtained her doctoral degree in French and Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam and was an assistant researcher (OIO) at the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NOW ), obtained her doctorate cum laude at the University of Amsterdam on Maurice Blanchot (1993). Postdoc (NWO) and KNAW fellow at Leiden University.


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