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Race and Racism: Asian Perspectives

Voertaal: Engels

Over het thema: The concept of 'race' tends to be predominantly associated with scholarship on Europe and North America, yet race and racism are equally central to Asian Societies and history. This module critically examines the concepts of race and racism in the context of Asia, aiming to create a better understanding of the processes of racial differentiation in the Asian context, but also to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the nature of race and racism.

You will learn how to interpret and apply relevant theories and concepts to the analyses of race in a specific context  through diverse case studies. Among others, we will discuss racial boundaries in colonial times, the concept of race advanced by Japanese Imperialism and wartime propaganda, American influences and popular culture in Japan, as well as the identities of mixed race individuals.

Docent: Mr W.J.T. de Zeeuw MA(Res)


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