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Enrolment and Selection

Did you put together an individual programme? Or are you still planning to do so? Either way, you can already enrol for Solo now. If you want to wait, no problem, just enrol no later than the end of your second year.

These are our selection criteria for Solo:

  • You have been issued a positive BSA
  • You expect to complete your first-year phase (propaedeuse) within a year or you have already completed your first-year phase (propaedeuse) within a year
  • You have good study results (we do not any fixed criteria, but experience shows that students with an average grade of 7.3 or higher can handle the Solo programme in addition to their regular study programme)
  • You are curious and you have broad intellectual interests
  • You are motivated to make an effort for your studies and your individual programme
  • Your individual programme is approved by the board of examiners of the Humanities Lab

Enrol right now via the Registration Form!

How to prepare for admission?

Once you have applied through the website, you are not yet admitted to the programme. There are two more steps in this process.

Step 1 : Motivation letter, and Grade transcript

We will still need you to send us a number of attachments, which you can already prepare now. These attachments are:

  • Motivation letter
  • The letter of motivation is an essential part of your application for Humanities Lab. It can be written in English of in Dutch but you have to write it yourself (max 500 words). As an Honours student you will of course make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes in your motivation. Your letter of motivation is the chance to show us who you are and why you would fit into Honours College.
    You have to include at least these topics:
    - Why do you want to be part of the Honours College
    - What honours track do you prefer and why
    - What can you do for the Honours community
  • Grade transcript from last semester

Step 2 : Selection for Admission

The Humanities Lab Selection Committee will assess your application based upon your motivation letter, and grade transcript.

Step 3: Put together your SOLO-programme

After you are admitted, we will invite you to a meeting where we will discuss the SOLO-programme in detail. During this meeting you can get answers to all your questions and present your ideas.


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