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Nice to see that you are interessed in Humanities Lab!

The procedure for enrolment and selection depends on the progamme you want to enrol in. Please mind that you are not automatically accepted after filling out the form below.
Please look for more details at the pages on enrolment and selection

  • Expedition (click the link for more information)
  • Solo (click the link for more information)
  • Double+ (click the link for more information)

It is also possible to register if you are not yet sure which of the programmes you want to enrol in.

Deadline: If you would like to start with Humanities Lab in the first semester, you need to submit your complete registration form before 16 August 2019.

If you fill out the form below, we will send you an email containing the link to the formal application form for Expedition, Solo or Double +. Select the image of the option of your preference.

Please note: this form does not function properly in Internet Explorer. Please use an other browser.

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