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Closing module Grand Finale: Capstone Projects

The Grand Finale, the culmination point of the Humanities Lab programme, consists of a set of capstone projects. Each capstone project is a multifaceted assignment at the end of the Humanities Lab learning pathway. Teams of students are asked to demonstrate how insights and methods from the Humanities can make a difference to topical issues in society or in the world of science at large. Each project is strongly interdisciplinary, in the sense that it requires students to apply skills, insight and methods from different domains of knowledge.

Teams of 5 – 8 students select a specific topic or problem (referred to as a domain) as for example Cultural Memory or Social Sustainability, identify and contact stakeholders, conduct research on the subject, and create a final product demonstrating their learning acquisition and conclusions (typically a written report, but other media such as a website or video may be chosen as well). They present their findings at a closing conference with staff, stakeholders, and community members.

Students who have chosen to do the Solo programme, will also take part in the Grand Finale Capstone Projects.


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