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Race and Racism: Asian Perspectives

Voertaal: Engels

Over het thema: Many discussions on race tend to focus on interactions between the “West” versus “Rest” and the colonial roots of these tensions. By predominantly relying on scholarship on Europe and North America, the concept of race and the dynamics of racism become too limited, leaving out large parts of the world where race and racism played an equally central role in shaping societies and history.

In this module, we will examine the concepts of race and racism as an integral part of the modern period, focusing on Asia to highlight both the universal and particular characteristics of racial differentiation.

Using case studies from India, China, Manchuria, the Korean peninsula and Japan, we will discuss how race and racism are closely linked to “universal” issues of nationalism, empire, gender and class, as expressed in e.g. the racial policies and boundaries of the Japanese empire, the use of sex and gender in colonial rule and the position of mixed-race individuals in “homogenous” nation states in East Asia. As a result, we will aim to not only gain a better understanding of the dynamics of race and racism in the Asian context but also a more nuanced understanding of their role as a product and integral part of modernity.

Docent: W.J.T. de Zeeuw MA(Res)


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